I entered the world of hair and makeup on a whim around almost 8 years ago, following the passion to develop my skills at the best institutions such as Illamasqua and London Hair and Beauty Academy (LHA). 

A combination of skill, enthusiasm, taste, experience and personality has given me a creative edge to this talent. The exposure to being trained by different International makeup Artists such as Daniel Sallstrom (Illamasqua School of Makeup), David Horne (Formerly MAC Cosmetics UK Head;Artist Training & Development) and various others have lead me to develop my own distinct style of makeup that is visible in my work. I try to make my makeup as wearable and suited to every possible skintone and face which is what I see gets appreciated the most.

However, the best training I've recieved so far has been from my own experience, having a classic style icon for a mother and collecting and experimenting with makeup on my closest friends when I was almost 16 (specially those who I felt needed a little help with makeovers as I grew up pretty obsessed with fashion and makeup) . I started off very young and today I am still the youngest amongst the proper makeup artists with credibility that I do acknowledge and who's work I admire.

I am a doctor in training in my final year, and yes, it is difficult juggling between the two very different things that I do; makeup and medicine, but I have a flair for both so I manage. My makeup workshops have soon in a short span of time become highly sought after as you can already see from the amount of inquiries I get on my page, the reviews from my students, resulting in them getting booked before the dates are even out. This may be because they are not only the most affordable proper and complete makeup classes in town but I give my students professional tools and makeup aswell to take home and use in their new found love - the love for makeup.

It's not about the makeup products but about the way you are taught how to use them that actually help you in making yourself and others look divine. You can have a box full of makeup and yet end up looking ridiculous and not know what to do with them, which is where I come in to play my part. My experience over the past 8 years when I was hardly even 16, and now 5 years of teaching makeup and being one of the pioneers of Makeup Artistry training here has given me an upperhand over the many that claim to be in the field these days.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to pass along my perspective on beauty for women of all colors to aspiring makeup artists to friends and family. Everyone is beautiful and having the ability to bring out that beauty, teach others to bring out their own features, use colors almost like you were painting on a canvas. Unafraid, with confidence, poise and control. And then see those stunning smiling faces brings a feeling of its own.

                                                 xx Anam 


  1. Wow!can't wait! adore your work :)

  2. Do you come to Michigan for makeup classes??? I would love to attend your makeup class